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Open to aspiring Black innovators and small business owners, Dream Hub is a free, value-added virtual educational series ideal for entrepreneurs in skilled trades to continue their learning and experience and ultimately grow and scale their businesses successfully.

Where potential meets possibility for Black entrepreneurs.

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Unleash Ambition. Realize Potential. DREAM Bigger.

Virtual Workshops

Benefit from nine central topics tailored to graduates—created to enhance your knowledge and help you achieve your goals.

Networking Events

Connect with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals in various industries.

Mentorship Services

Meet professionals who’ve been there. Learn from subject-matter experts who excel in their fields.

Launching January 2024

About Dream Hub

Dream Hub was created to benefit aspiring Black entrepreneurs who aim to start businesses in skilled trades in the culinary, hospitality, automotive, service and construction industries. Powered by Dream and the DMZ, Toronto Metropolitan University’s illustrious tech incubator, we offer a variety of highly curated online workshops (via Zoom) held every quarter on engaging and desirable topics. Students will have the unique opportunity to expand on their skills, network with industry experts and colleagues, enhance professional development and prepare to move into the next stage of their careers. Sessions are one hour long and are led by professionals and subject-matter experts. Certification badges are earned as workshops are successfully completed.

Virtual one-hour evening workshops start in January.
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Our Workshops

Whether you’re interested in marketing strategies, you need a crash course in grant writing or you’re hoping to learn about financing and funding, there’s something for every graduate.

Intro to Entrepreneurship & Business Models

Crafting a Business Plan

Loan and Grant Writing

Access to Financing and Venture Options

Marketing Strategies for Startups

Scaling Businesses & Building Relationships

HR, Team Management & Advisory Boards

Leadership Development & Conflict Resolution

Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs

How it Works


It’s really easy. Sign up here to select the workshops you’d like to attend and secure your spot.


You’re all set. Keep an eye out for an email that will explain next steps.


Class is in session. You’ll get more out of your workshop if you participate and get involved.


Increase your knowledge, develop skills, earn badges, add your credentials to your profile and share your expertise with your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be shy—we’re always happy to answer your questions. You might find what you’re looking for below. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.
What are the objectives of the Dream Hub?
The Dream Hub is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow and scale their businesses successfully. This program includes mentorship, workshops, networking events and other tangible activities to enhance your knowledge and experience and help your business thrive.
Where is the Dream Hub conducted?
Our workshops are offered virtually via Zoom; there will be some in-person events.
How do I register for the Dream Hub?
Registration for the program is done online. A registration link will be provided for interested participants.
How much do workshops cost?
The program is free of charge for individuals who complete and satisfy all requirements on our registration form.
Are there technical requirements needed to participate?
You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
How frequently is the Dream Hub offered?
Once you register, you will receive our workshop schedule and information about the frequency of the program. You’ll also receive information about our upcoming in-person networking events.
How many people can participate in each workshop?
Each workshop and event we offer has its own set of capacity restrictions. We strongly encourage you to register as early as possible to ensure you can take advantage of these valuable opportunities.
Is attendance at all program events mandatory?
While we highly recommend participating in all our program offerings for maximum benefit, attendance at every event is not compulsory. Participants may select the offerings most aligned with their needs and interests.
What will I learn in the Dream Hub?
We’ll be addressing a wide range of subjects crucial to entrepreneurial success, including but not limited to Mastering Loan & Grant Applications, Unlocking Financial Avenues & Ventures, and so much more. Each workshop is crafted to offer valuable insights and skills that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey.
Will certificates be issued upon completion of the program?
A certificate or badge will be issued at varying levels of completion. Once registered, you will learn more about how these are distributed. These certificates and badges serve as valuable additions to your professional portfolio.
How can I provide feedback or ask further questions?
Happy to chat. Please feel free to send us an email at


The more workshops you successfully complete, the more badges you earn. (Receive a certificate upon completing the requirements for your Gold badge.) Celebrate your accomplishments and don’t forget to include these credentials in your portfolio.


Complete 3 workshops


Complete 6 workshops


Complete 9 workshops

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Develop skills to take your career to the next level. Sign up, show up and reap the benefits of learning from subject-matter experts who can help you achieve your goals. Differentiate yourself and gain experience, at no cost to you.

Success Stories

Guy Hermann Feunou Founder and CEO, Floraison Technologies Inc. “Thank you to the Dream Legacy Foundation for what you’ve done for me so far—it’s been really helpful. When you are not from Canada and you’re looking for an ecosystem and market that will be able to help you raise funds to build a startup, a program targeting Black founders really makes a difference. The Dream Legacy Foundation can give us the support we need, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they will help me achieve my goal.”
Brenda Ahenkorah Founder and CEO, My Well Self “We are thankful to the Dream Legacy Foundation for giving us funding at a most crucial time, which is the startup phase. What’s worked for me is having key mentors in this space—mentors who’ve done this before, who’ve made the mistakes before, and who can guide us in the right direction.”
John Robinson Jr. Founder and CEO, Joy+ “The program helps entrepreneurs like me, and I’ve learned a lot. It’s such a good feeling to speak with other entrepreneurs who are also diverse—other black men and black women—because there are so many innovative ideas. To be among entrepreneurs who walk a similar path and get it allows you to let loose, have conversations and learn from each other.”
La Vance and Colleen Dotson Co-founders, WooYourBoo “There’s a lot that can be done when you’re around people who are just as ambitious as you, who have some of the same goals you have. When you get these people together, you start ideating about what’s possible and people start jumping in and giving ideas—they help steer you in the right direction. That environment is worth gold.”

Our Partners

Over the past ten years, The Dream Legacy Foundation has forged strategic partnerships at both local and national levels to champion: Entrepreneurial Inclusion Enhanced Access to Housing Advanced Research Initiatives Training and Development in Specialized Trades for Youth Employment These endeavours underscore our commitment to fostering economic inclusivity within the Black community. We invite you to join our esteemed list of strategic partners!
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